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We are happy to announce that we can get Jeunique quality bras again.

Formerly Jeunique, Only the name is different - now "Beauty for you by Le Unique".  The same great products----but with a new name.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL with absolutely no exchanges or refunds for any of the Jeunique products.

Two Texas Belles is still doing business and we have bras available for ordering. Please click on any bra picture to see our inventory list.

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Canada $28 minimum. International = actual charges.

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Jeunique Bras
Jeunique Bra
J30, J31, J32
New Jeunique's Bra
Jeunique Satin & Lace Bra
J60, J61
Confidante Bras
Confidante Bras
300, 301
Brantly Bras
Brantly Bra
Lace Bras by Jeunique Bras
Jeunique Lace Bra
J50, J51, J52
Smooth Bras by Jeunique Bras
Jeunique Smooth Bra
CJ40, CJ41, CJ42
Custom Fit Bra 20021
Custom Fit Bra 20021

The Bras Below are final sale close out items with very limited inventory.
Sculptress Bras
Sculptress Bra
Figurette Bras
Figurette Bra
Brantly Bras
White Brantly Bra
Brantly Bras
Black Brantly Bra
Pennyrich Bras by Jeunique Bras
Pennyrich Bra

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Comfort and Support: Experience the Jeunique® difference!
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Jeunique Bras85% of Women Are Wearing the Wrong Bra!  Are You?

The Jeunique bra is different from any bra you've ever worn before.  Our patented design combines comfort, support and elegant styling to give you a garment that makes you feel better and look your best while directing the bust tissue properly.

The secret? It's our exclusive Banderin - a shelf type support design to encourage delicate bust tissue up and forward into the cup area, supporting and directing the bust tissue as nature intended. The Banderin positions the bust tissue to properly allow circulation to take place. Remember, You Need a Bra that Works With Your Body!! Your bust must be lifted to allow for proper circulation.  Without proper support, lymphatic drainage is impeded, which interferes with cellular health. The bust must be supported from underneath the breast...not suspended from shoulders.

Finally, A Maternity and Nursing Bra... All-In-One!
Jeunique bras fit through pregnancy, nursing and long after. Mothers-to-be find these bras provide gentle and firm support for their added full figures during pregnancy. Once your baby is born, your breasts will continue to need added suppport. If you decide to nurse your baby, all Jeunique Bras have easy-to-detach cups which make nursing convenient and discreet.

Posture Perfect promotes Perfect Posture® Long Line Posture Support Vest- JEUNIQUE EXCLUSIVE!
Posture Perfect is worn with your own bra functioning as a long line bra, without the sizing difficulties of a long line bra. The band in the back is wide, giving the back and neck good support. Front closure from bra to waist.

Nu-Shape comfortably slims your figure NU-Shape Waist Control Garment. Only YOU Will Know!!
NU-Shape Waist Control Our simple, breathable, front-hook closing
waits trimmer helps you look for your best, whether you are dressed
for a day at the office or for a night out on the town.
Nu-Shape comfortably slims your figure and ceates a NEW YOU.

Get Back To Normal After Your Baby Is Born

Getting Back To Normal after your pregnancy is more comfortable and occurs more rapidly with this garment.

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