The Importance of Proper Bra Fit

Medical experts of several disciplines agree that the importance of a proper bra fit is grossly underestimated, and largely misunderstood by most women around the world.  They agree that an ill fitting or unspportive bra can result in back pain, shoulder pain, improper posture, a generally uncomfortable or exhausted feeling, and failure of the lymph nodes to adequately drain. Lymphatic drainage restriction can lead to any number of health issues. Even so, industry experts say that the number of women wearing the wrong bra could be as high as 85%.

Telltale Signs of an Ill Fitting Bra

Does the back of the bra ride up? That may mean the cups are too small.
You should be able to run your finger under the band in front. The fit should be snug, not tight.
Are the bra cups wrinkled? If so, you may need a smaller cup size.
If there overflow at the bra top or at the underarms, the bra is too small.

Why Two Texas Belles

At Two Texas Belles, we are absolutely committed to building a loyal base of happy customers who have been fitted properly. We have developed a process on our sizing page which will fit most women properly. In those cases where the sizing needs to be fine tuned, we work with our customers as long as it takes to put them in a bra that they are happy with. If you need help interpreting the instructions on our sizing page, please email us at We will work with you for a proper fit.
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What The Experts Say

In a copyrighted story by Click2Houston, Doctors say:

Bra Could Be Cause Of Back Pain

Buy Bra For Fit First, Looks Second

POSTED: 3:20 pm CST November 18, 2004
UPDATED: 4:31 pm CST November 18, 2004

Dateline HOUSTON --

Bra fit is important

If you're one of the thousands of women suffering from an achy, sore back, you may be inadvertently causing the problem yourself -- by wearing the wrong bra, Local 2 reported Thursday.

"The proper fit can make all the difference, according to experts, and can alleviate back pain.

"An estimated 75 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra, according to industry experts.

"Doctors say knowledge is key and women should not make their purchase on looks alone.

""Women do want something that is very feminine and pretty and makes them feel good about themselves," said Barbara Nelson, with Top Drawer Lingerie.

"But fit should come first. ""If it's wrong, as in too big, it won't support the breasts. If it is too tight, it will actually cause a restriction of the lymphatic system as well as the vascular system," said Dr. Eric Tondera, a chiropractor.

"The wrong fit can cause upper back pain and even headaches. ""It causes stress on the back with the muscles," Tondera said. "There are signs that a bra is not the right size. ""You will see red marks where the bra straps go, which you should not have," Tondera said. "Jana Barrett knows what that's like. ""I didn't know that that could be such a big sign," Barrett said. "The most common mistake is the bra is too small, according to Tondera. "Here are other signs of a bad-fitting bra.
The breast overflows out of the cup.
The bra band rides up on the back
The center of the bra, or the underwire, does not lie flat on the chest.
The material is wrinkled on your breasts. It should stretch firmly for proper support.


Getting the support you need, when you need it.

By Julie Kostecky
InteliHealth Staff Writer

Bra straps can dig into your skin, leaving unattractive and sometimes painful indentations. The bra band can inch up your back, annoying you and causing discomfort. Many women may be familiar with the annoyances of an ill-fitting bra, but did you also know that there can be health consequences to wearing the wrong size? Here are just a few:

  • Pain in the upper back, neck, shoulders and arms, or headaches
  • Breast pain during exercise
  • Skin abrasions or infections underneath the breast in full-breasted women

A well-fitting brassiere can provide the necessary support to take tension off the breasts and other parts of your body, alleviating or preventing these potential problems.

If you would like to determine the correct bra size for you, just follow these few simple steps. You also may want to be professionally fit -- it's free for our customers in the Houston area.

Also, remember that your breast size often changes over time. So whatever your bra size is now, it probably won't be the same size you'll wear for the rest of your life. Because pregnancy, menopause, and weight gain or loss can change the size and shape of your breasts, you should re-measure your breast size at least every two years.


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How Can You Tell You're Wearing The Wrong Size?

There are several easily identifiable signs that the bra you're wearing does not fit:

  • You can see breast tissue being pushed out over the top of the cups. Unless you are wearing a demi bra, all of your breast tissue should be contained within the cup of the bra. You should try a bra with a larger cup.

  • The bra band rides up in the back. Try a bra with a smaller band if you're having this problem. To gauge whether the band size is correct, you should be able to place two fingers under the bra in the back. If you can fit more than two fingers under the band, the bra is too large.

  • The center of the bra in the front or the underwire in an underwire bra does not lie flat against your breast bone. The center of the bra should lie against your skin, and the cup should contain all of your breast tissue. Try a bra with a larger cup.

  • The cups are wrinkled. Stretchy fabrics mold to the shape of the breast and can sometimes provide a better fit without sacrificing support. Try a bra with a smaller cup size.

Non-drug remedies may relieve breast pain
Reported by Susan Aldridge, PhD, medical journalist Up to 65 per cent of women suffer from breast pain at some time, but there are many potential remedies.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic explain that breast pain is often hormonally based and cyclical, although the cause is not fully understood. Fortunately, they add, there are many ways of dealing with the problem.

Hot or cold compresses applied to the painful breasts may be helpful and it's essential to wear a supportive bra that has been fitted by a professional (ill fitting bras can cause a lot of discomfort). A sports bra provides extra support at painful times.

Relaxation therapy is helpful and you might find limiting or eliminating caffeine brings about an improvement in breast pain. Limiting fat to 20 per cent of calories also seems to have a beneficial effect.




Mayo Clinic Women's HealthSource September 2003

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