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Finally....A Maternity and Nursing Bra...All-In-One!

During this special time, you'll want to feel comfortable and look beautiful. Jeunique Bras provide the ultimate in support, fit comfort and styling.  They help you defy the effect of gravity and inadequate support.  The elegant styling gives you a sense of complete freedom.  You will hardly know you're wearing a bra!

Mothers-to-be find Jeunique Bras provide gentle and firm support to their added full figures.  These bras are available in a wide range of sizes, 28-46, cup sizes B-KK and colors (white, beige and black in all sizes).

At Last! A Bra That Fits
Through Pregnancy, Nursing and Long After

Mother & Child

Why do you need a good support bra?

  • Your breast are increasing in weight and size
  • Unsupported breast begin to drop, develop stretch marks and lose firmness and tone that can never be fully regained

Bra Fitting Instructions

Jeunique bras come in sizes ranging from 28C to 46KK cup.
Outlined here is our three step method
to determine your correct size.

STEP 1 - Upper Chest Measurement
Place tape measure in back below the shoulder blades,
high under the arm, and high above the bust area until it makes a natural stop. Note the measurement in inches.



STEP 2 - Middle Chest Measurement
Place tape measure in back below the shoulder blades.
Bring tape measure across the fullest part of the bust
until tape measure makes a natural stop. Note the
measurement in inches.

To Determine Cup Size:
Subtract the upper chest measurement
from the middle chest measurement. Refer to the
chart for proper cup size.  Example:
Middle Chest measures 39"
Upper Chest measures 34"
Subtract 34 from 39 = 5"
Look on the chart and the Cup size is DD.

C - 2"
CC - 3"
D - 4"
DD - 5"
E - 6"
EE - 7"
F - 8"
FF - 9"
G - 10"
GG - 11"
H - 12"
HH - 13"
I - 14"
II - 15"
J - 16"
JJ - 17"
K - 18"
KK - 19"

To Determine Band Size:
Place tape directly under the breast, preferably
without bra on. The tape measure should come to a
natural stop.
Note the measurement in inches and add 3"
In the example above, if the ribcage measurement is 33",
then the band size would be 36, and the proper bra size would be 36DD.

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